APRIL 2017



Atop:Weekly Photo Challenge

0 atop.jpg


My gang of awesome guys ❤

Always on top of the world with them..
for they never let  me down 🙂

Here’s to 7 years of growing up from this crazy piece of shit human beings to what we are today.
Here’s to all the times you got me back up on my feet when the world knocked me down to my knees.
Here’s to cracking lame jokes and judging me when i laugh on them…alone
. and taking care of me like a baby… here’s to being the gentleman around me….here’s to always protecting me…and here’s to all the stupid gestures you’ll do for me.

Here’s to us and the seven years of “hard to remember” memories we share.

But mostly, here’s to always being there for me… and never leaving my side.

Wish – Weekly Photo Challenge


3 wish.jpg


How i wish i was able to say what i think.

But let’s  just leave it at…
We may not have it all together…
but together we have it all.. 🙂

This one time when my Mom and Dad completed 25 years of tolerating each other 😛

Dear Future Monica..
Nah.. i couldn’t find a better family picture than this ..
because i don’t have any. 😛

The Road Taken – Weekly Photo Challenge


The Road Taken


They say, we must not burn the bridge, for you may be surprised how many times you’ll have to cross the same river…and trust me i’ve been on this bridge quite a few times now…
..and that’s the hardest part isn’t it?.. Knowing which bridge to burn and which to cross

And that’s exactly what happened that night…
I know the easiest way out ..was exploding the god damn bridge, because burning would take too long.. and i din’t have that kind of time and patience left in me…
But….what’s the fun in that 🙂

I decided to cross the bridge…because until you don’t cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities…

The road taken isn’t the easiest one,but it’s sure going to be one hell of a trip..
and as long as that is concerned…. the destination doesn’t matter…  😛



February 2017.

The shortest month of the year…and i have been so fucking busy….



I was  able to read only 4 books this month 😦
I have a separate post reviewing each book on my book blog.
My favorite would obviously be –

The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

I have never enjoyed a mythology quite this much before.


I watched three anime movies 🙂 and OMG i love anime movies…
Image result for how to train a dragon 1 Image result for how to train a dragon 2 Image result for despicable me

I also watched Inception.. and yes i am  far too  late to the party :), and Jolly LLB

Image result for jolly llb 2 movie poster Image result for jolly llb 2 movie quotes Image result for inception quotes Image result for inception

I watched a french movie with English Subtitles Of course 😛 and now i have a new crush
❤ Kev Adams ❤

Image result for les nouvelles aventures d'aladin  Related image


Christina Perri – Distance

Yallah Yallah – Aladin

Sairaat Zhaala Ji


Jenga   🙂