I like my tea hot and my coffee ice cold,
I Don’t even like my jewelry fake, i prefer gold.
– The Monica Shastri



Because if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.
– Rachel Wotchin.
Travel Diaries.

Our Little Secret……

Let’s go on a trip …and tell no one.
For what it’s worth.
Let’s go for a trip..
Just for fun.
Was I  yours?
I wonder what was your first clue?
But you,
You made me feel you were mine too….

They say, Storms make trees take deeper roots
And i was only human…just a fool…

The Monica Shastri

Zip my Mouth

A Wise Man once said,
“Loose Lips Sink Ships”
So call me selfish,
But my relationship is too precious
to make this somebody else’s business.

– My Speech while  receiving the  Noble Prize Award for keeping my mouth shut when there is so much to be said. 🙂
All my haters do, is stalk 🙂
Zip my mouth, and let them talk.

Thanks. I've learned that the hard way, I mean we a know you're in a relationship.. People don't need to be reminded. And let your man show you off Not you show him off.  He is the one pursing you!:

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Very Private People Have Mastered The Art Of Telling You Little About Themselves But Doing It In Such A Way You Think You Know A Lot. Only The People I Hold Close To Me And Deserve My Actual Real Thoughts And To Know The Real Me Know Anything About Me.:

– Keeping my mouth shut
and my business private…

The Monica Shastri

Living in Harmony. Are we?

They act like they don’t fight.

She acts like she  doesn’t stay up awake at night.

All of the things they dont talk about, is slowly making her fall apart.

But, if ignorance is bliss…

She swears she’s never having a broken heart.

– Living in Harmony. Are we?

The Monica Shastri

I would Fry for you.

It’s funny, how people express their utmost love for others.by saying something like – ” I would die for you”

But if you love someone,

I mean if you….really….love someone

You won’t just die for them… you will suffer…with the biggest smile on your face..

And the truth is,

he could be frying my fragile heart in a pan of hot oil, and with every little burn,
i would still be praising how much of a good cook he is. 

And even though he will be chewing my heart out like a cannibal…
I’ll be hoping he relishes every last bit of me. 

And this may sound extremely insane, because it is. 


The Monica Shastri