Learning French with Songs : French Friday

So I am learning french on my own, and the textbooks get really boring, because almost all the time i am worried i am not pronouncing the words correctly and i found out a really fun way to do so. Listening to songs with French & English  subtitles.. 🙂 YAY

And these are some of my favourite…

1. Ca Plane pour Moi – Plastic Bertrand / Lou Deprijck

I heard this song in “Ruby Sparks”. The movie i watched last month when they go to this arcade and are having a good time.

2. Alors on danse – Stromae

I have been listening to this song since forever, only because it has this addicting tune to it that i never cared to check for the lyrics and now… i finally know the meaning.

3.Bella Maître Gims

I love this song . It has this french feel to it. Obviously. :p