APRIL 2017




Because if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.
– Rachel Wotchin.
Travel Diaries.

Our Little Secret……

Let’s go on a trip …and tell no one.
For what it’s worth.
Let’s go for a trip..
Just for fun.
Was I  yours?
I wonder what was your first clue?
But you,
You made me feel you were mine too….

They say, Storms make trees take deeper roots
And i was only human…just a fool…

The Monica Shastri

Zip my Mouth

A Wise Man once said,
“Loose Lips Sink Ships”
So call me selfish,
But my relationship is too precious
to make this somebody else’s business.

– My Speech while  receiving the  Noble Prize Award for keeping my mouth shut when there is so much to be said. 🙂
All my haters do, is stalk 🙂
Zip my mouth, and let them talk.

Thanks. I've learned that the hard way, I mean we a know you're in a relationship.. People don't need to be reminded. And let your man show you off Not you show him off.  He is the one pursing you!:

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Very Private People Have Mastered The Art Of Telling You Little About Themselves But Doing It In Such A Way You Think You Know A Lot. Only The People I Hold Close To Me And Deserve My Actual Real Thoughts And To Know The Real Me Know Anything About Me.:

– Keeping my mouth shut
and my business private…

The Monica Shastri