January 2017.

So starting this year i have been wanting to list down all the things i loved/ discovered in each month because sometimes i am asked questions like “What do you like?” or “What’s new?” and i do not want to be the one to go blank and say “nothing much” like i always do.
Image result for go blank meme

So here’s to January 2017…


I guess this was a really good reading month for me since i read a total of 13 books. I have a separate post reviewing each book on my book blog.
However, my favorite would be –
Image result for revolting rhymes

I absolutely loved this book. Why did i never pick up this book before?
Also,Roald Dahl is my new favourite author.. 🙂

I seen three book adaptations this month. ( Click on the Image for a full review)
Image result for Matilda movie Image result for kiss the girls movie the-yellow-wallpaper-movie-poster-2011-1020688336.jpg
I also watched “Ruby Sparks” that was recommended by my boyfriend and which is  apparently also one of his favourite movies.
I loved the plot and the actress and the ending … 🙂
Image result for ruby sparks movie quotesImage result for ruby sparks movie posterImage result for ruby sparks movie quotes
TV Series:
Sherlock Holmes Season 4 : Episode 1
I have been waiting for this season for quite a while now, and even though i have this urge to marathon the shit out of this season, i am trying my best to prolong the process….
Image result for sherlock holmes season 4 the six thatchers

The Series of Unfortunate Events: Episode 1 &2
This TV Series is a book adaptation and the first two episodes are based on the book i read last year. ( Click on the image for full review) 
Image result for the series of unfortunate events netflix the bad beginning

Let’s just say i don’t really actively search for new songs, and usually always listen to the same song over and over again. But these are the few songs that i stumbled upon recently or that successfully reached the list of my most played songs of the month. 🙂
Shoutout to my Ex – Little Mix
Send my Love – Adele
Teri Khair Mangdi – Baar Baar Dekho


Robinson’s Squashed – ORANGE


So, my sister bought me these one squeeze juice to add to my water and i absolutely love it.
I don’t know what i am going to do once i run out of it because i am pretty sure we don’t get it in my country.







So my mom bought me this scrub and mask sachet pack to use and i really found it fancy. I might just make it a point to do something like this once every month.
Also the mask is light blue in color and feels so cool..and fancy..



Tea Pea Cafe, Borivali.

Image result for tea pea cafe
So, Me and my best friend visited this cafe last weekend and…
I really love the ambience and of course the tea. It’s good on the budget side and also gives off a very good vibe. And with tea you can read a book if you are alone, they have a little collection of books as well. And you can also play board games that they have …if you are with your friends. 🙂
I am definitely going to this place again..


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