This is me.

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My name is Monica and i am  a 22 year old Interior Designer living in Mumbai that loves Cats. I have been blogging on tumblr for quite a while now but decided to switch to wordpress for no particular reason, which makes me random as well.
I am almost always  in the middle of reading a book, and have decided to dedicate a whole blog to my reading habits starting this year. 😀 I sometimes write poems and love documenting my life.
I love craft projects and artworks. I like to travel and party and  meet new people but i am also a super introvert person that likes to chill indoors on a friday night talking to my best friend over a cup of tea. 🙂
Currently, I am learning french and working on writing a book. I have a self proclaimed pet cat named “Kate” but usually addressed as “Kutti” means little one in our native language.
She apparently is a part of my family now and makes sure we give her the attention she always wants.
I am known to be calm and soft spoken and noticeably thin 🙂 but that’s only because i  like smiling at people that point out my insecurities. 🙂 . My best friend tells me i am strong headed and can get equally extremely emotional at times.

So this is ME 😀
I am bad at self introductory essays and not very good at communicating my thoughts.
But i am good at being a self – critic and probably the best at over thinking stuff.
So yeah …
I am just an average girl …. and this is my blog and you are welcome to have a glimpse of my average life that i aim to document every bit of it that i can 😀



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